Advanced Containers Management Features

Simple to build and manage containers quickly but powerful enough to help you create the next big thing.


One-click Control Panel

Manage container functions easily.


Multiple Cloud Providers

Contifier lets you choose your favourite cloud infrastructure provider. Choose one or more from DigitalOcean, VULTR, Linode, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS and Joyent and combine them according to your needs.


Multiple Datacenter Locations

Infrastructure of our providers located in 30+ regions all over the world can help you achieve the highest possible performance and availability for your applications. Geographical expansion is our top priority.


One-Click Container Actions

Our easy-to-use but powerful control panel allows you to manage your application containers by simple, one-click actions. Create, start, stop, restart, delete or restore containers from snapshots in seconds.


Container Snapshots Cloning

Easily distribute your application workload by cloning container snapshots into multiple containers. Rollback your containers in real-time in case something goes wrong.


Firewall Configuration

Our firewall automatically protects your containers from unauthorized access. Grant public access to any of your containers, using IP protocol specification (TCP, UDP) and ports redirection.


Reverse DNS Setup

When you need to have customized DNS setup, quickly configure public reverse DNS records for your container servers to ensure that their IP addresses resolve correctly.

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Container Console

Use our web container console to access any container with full administrator privileges from the comfort of your browser. Attach directly to your container's terminal to see what is happening inside.


SSH Keys Management

Import your existing public SSH keys and upload them to all your containers to ensure secure, pasword-less access.


REST API Management

Easily give your 3rd party applications access to all features of Contifier platform via our universal and powerful REST API interface.


User Management

Invite and manage team members who will participate in your own cloud infrastructure and container environments.


Effective Support System

Our user-friendly ticketing system is here to help you get the most of your customer support. We will get back to you and your tickets will never be lost.


Knowledgebase / Guides

Our knowledgebase gives answers to most asked questions and processes regarding cloud providers, containers, billing and user management. If you miss anything don't hesitate to contact us.

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Technical Features

Synergy of software container technologies in one place.


Multiple Container Technologies

Choose your favourite technology - use LXC/LXD for full system containers or Docker for application-only containers. We're looking into supporting more container technologies in the near future.


Multiple Linux Distributions

For full system containers, choose your favourite Linux distribution from the likes of Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Arch Linux, Fedora, Alpine, Gentoo or OpenSUSE. We're continually adding new full system distributions.


Applications Repository

Choose ready-made application containers for even faster deployment. We support ready-made applications built on top of full system containers or ready-made Docker application containers available from Docker Hub or even your private Docker registries.


Dedicated Hypervisors

Every customer gets fully dedicated hypervisor. Compute, memory and disk resources are not shared amongst customers. Equal performance for all of our customers is fully guaranteed.


Encrypted Storage

Your data is safe with us. Our platform transparently encrypts your containers data using industry highest standards while still maintaining best-in-class compute and storage performance.


Secured and Hardened Containers

Your container environments are securely hardened using state-of-the-art kernel and userspace protection mechanisms. We also use strong network firewall to protect your containers from possible network attacks.

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Containers Deployment and Scaling

Contifier platform offers instant container deployment without waiting times. CPU, memory and disk resources scaling is supported and done in realtime even for running containers.


Realtime Snapshots

Create snapshots of any container instantly. Select snapshot of required application version to restore it into new container or replace existing one. Available container snapshots containing different application versions allow you to build various application environments very quickly.


Containers Import

Upload your custom container image into your container server remotely. Once the image is uploaded you can start using it immediately.


Customer Dedicated VPN

Your containers deployed in different datacenters across various cloud providers are privately interconnected via encrypted VPN. Each customer has its own dedicated VPN network by default and does not have to configure anything.


Inter-cloud Migration

Seamlessly migrate your containers deployed within one cloud provider to another cloud provider in seconds. Inter-cloud migration provides a new approach for building real high-available container application environments.


REST API access

Use our API to fully automate the process of container provisioning, scaling and whatever our control panel provides. Connect your 3rd party application with our cloud platform using our easy to use API interface.