Platform for Running Software Containers

Choose infrastructure provider, deploy scalable containers and manage them across your private cloud.


How It Works

Understanding our easy to use platform.


Choose provider

Start by selecting one or more of your favourite cloud infrastructure providers.


Deploy servers

Continue with preferred datacenter locations and server resources you need.


Create containers

Choose containers technology and select Linux distribution or pre-installed Docker application.


Run and manage

Have fun with our simple but powerful control panel and manage everything within seconds.

Key Features of Our Platform

Everything you need.


Multiple Cloud Providers

Most reliable cloud providers for building your infrastructure.


Interconnected Datacenters

30+ datacenters securely interconnected to one customer network.


Containers and Applications

Choice of containers technology, OS distribution and ready-made applications.


Fast Deployment and Scaling

Fast provisioning with real-time CPU, memory and disk resources configuration.


One-click Control Panel

Powerful control panel designed to effectively manage your infrastructure.


Easy-to-use REST API

Third party access and automation via our well documented REST API.

DeploymentCloud providers and servers setup

Choose your preferred cloud infrastructure provider (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, Linode, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Joyent) and its datacenter location and deploy your servers across any or more of them.

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ConfigurationContainers and applications

Based on the environment type you want to create, select your favourite containers technology (LXD, Docker). Inside containers, you can automatically deploy various full-featured Linux distributions or pre-configured applications.

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ManagementResources, snapshots and networking

Once your containers are deployed, scale their resources (CPU, memory, disk), create containers snapshots and configure firewall rules for public application access without any container or application restart. Everything is performed in real-time.

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IntegrationContifier REST API

Do you want to integrate Contifier with your own project? Using our well documented REST API, you can easily automate all control panel operations programatically. We would love to hear about your use cases!

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  • 6Providers

  • 30Datacenters

  • 9OS Distributions

  • 20Applications

More Reasons to Sign Up

Benefits of using our platform.

  • Software lifecycle acceleration

    Develop, deploy, test and release your applications much faster than before and with less effort.

  • Infrastructure costs reduction

    Optimize overall infrastructure costs by moving whole virtual servers into autonomous containers.

  • Maximum server resources allocation

    Run multiple containers to utilize server CPU, memory and filesystem resources to the maximum.

  • Fast application environments creation

    Create, snapshot, clone and migrate containerized applications quickly between cloud providers.

  • No cloud vendor lock-in

    Choose your favourite cloud providers with absolute freedom and change them smoothly whenever needed.

  • Mature technology adoption

    Containers are widely used by many smart enterprises. Join us and get this technological advantage too.

Straightforward Pricing

Simple monthly fee with pay-as-you-go of your favourite cloud provider.


50% off limited offer $20 GET STARTED
  • 5 Servers
  • 10 Snapshots
  • 1 User
  • 200 API Calls/hr.
  • Tickets Support


50% off limited offer $500 GET STARTED
  • 100 Servers
  • 250 Snapshots
  • 25 Users
  • 5000 API Calls/hr.
  • Tickets Support


Common questions and answers.

  • What is Contifier?

    Contifier is complete platform for running your software containers. Choose your favourite cloud provider, container technology and you are ready to go.

  • Which container technologies does Contifier support?

    Contifier supports LXD and Docker container technologies. We also plan to introduce more container technologies in the near feature.

  • Which cloud providers do you support?

    Contifier supports DigitalOcean, VULTR, Google Compute Engine, Amazon Web Services, Linode and Joyent. We are continually adding support for new providers.

  • How much does it all cost?

    Billing model is very simple. You pay monthly subscription fee for using Contifier platform with pay-as-you-go fees of your chosen cloud providers.


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